Holiday Party Planning

Holiday Party Planning

Holiday parties can be amazing events that bring together friends, neighbors, family members, clients, coworkers, and other groups to share the joy of the season. Planning those parties, however, can be much less joyful, but thinking ahead, opting for rentals, and being creative can make your holiday party planning much easier.

When to Plan Your Holiday Party

Ideally you ought to plan your holiday party as early as possible to secure your preferred site, choice of rentals, and best deals. Depending on the type of party or whether you are organizing it for yourself, helping a friend, or managing a company’s event, however, you may not always have as much time to bring the event together. If you can be flexible and don’t mind some creative options, you can still plan a holiday party at the last minute with flair and festivity.

Holiday Party Themes

Many holiday parties don’t have organized themes, but rather rely on simple color palettes for their coordination, such as the classic red-and-green, silver-and-gold, or blue-and-silver themes that are perennial favorites for holiday events. There are more creative options you can choose, however, that may lead to a more memorable event because it stands out, plus you may have an easier time finding coordinating decorations with less popular color choices. Consider…

  • Shades of rich brown and bronze to coordinate with a chocolate-lovers menu
  • A tropical theme in bright pinks, teals, and yellows for an island holiday vibe
  • Using company colors to coordinate with corporate logo hues
  • Fun themes revolving around seasonal movies, sports, or other fan favorites

With so much personalized and themed party paraphernalia available, from festive garlands in a rainbow of colors to Santa hats, gift wrap, and ornaments with every possible color combination and theme, you won’t have any trouble adding a seasonal touch to your party no matter what theme you choose.

Rentals for Your Holiday Party

The right rentals can make your holiday party planning a breeze, and you won’t need to fret over having enough seating, proper tables, matching dishes, or even the extra equipment that can make a holiday party easier for both the host and the guests. Consider these types of rentals for all your holiday parties…

  • Tables and Chairs – Small, round tables are best for a more intimate, conversational atmosphere, but don’t forget longer tables for buffet stations, bar setups, coat checks, or gift displays, as well as a head table if desired.
  • Rugs, Runners, and Flooring – Messy winter weather can create slip hazards on smooth floors, but renting extra rugs can keep your guests safe even if snow and slush makes its way into the party. Different types of flooring are also available to create impromptu dance floors.
  • Linens – Tablecloths, table runners, chair covers or bows, placemats, napkins, and even decorative drapes and swags can instantly transform any space into a party, bringing the decorations together and coordinating the festive look.
  • China, Glassware, and Tableware – No need for mismatched dishes when you rent china, and you can opt for simple settings or more elegant designs if preferred. Specialty dishes such as chargers, candy dishes, and stemware add an extra festive touch to each table.
  • Buffet Setups – From carving stations to serving dishes and warmers, punch bowls, and dessert displays, you can have a festive and functional buffet setup for all your party treats when you rent the appropriate dishes.
  • Lighting – Skip the bland overhead lights or predictable twinkle lights and rent chandeliers, candelabras, luminaries, candlesticks, lanterns, and other unique lighting options to give your party a festive glow.
  • Backdrops – Set the mood and create a whole scene with a rented backdrop. Faux fireplaces or winter scenes are popular for holiday parties, but you can also rent unusual options to match your theme, or go for abstract designs to give your party a unique look.

When to Hire the Pros

Along with renting items to use at your party, don’t forget to rent services as well by hiring suitable professionals. Renting the professional skills of caterers, musicians, decorators, photographers, and cleaning crews will not only give your party a polished flair, but it will ensure that everyone has time to enjoy the event instead of feeling obligated to lend a hand. You can even hire local characters to make appearances, such as Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves, or real reindeer. If you aren’t sure where to find the best services for your holiday party, consult with your equipment rental company – they will often have professional connections and recommendations to meet your needs.

Make Your Party Extra Special

Extra touches can truly make your holiday party memorable. While ugly sweater contests, visits with Santa, New Year’s champagne toasts, and gift exchanges are all popular holiday party events, get your guests involved with more exciting and interesting options, such as…

  • Photo booths with themed holiday props, including mistletoe, elf ears, and other fun
  • Classic, nostalgic games such as holiday cornhole or pin-the-red-nose-on-Rudolph
  • Holiday trivia games, perhaps focused on favorite holiday movies or carols
  • Craft activities such as homemade ornaments or elegant paint parties
  • Adding unique menu items, such as locally brewed, holiday-themed beers
  • Ball or balloon drops to ring in the new year, with small bell favors for your guests to ring
  • An array of seasonal treats from different cultures for more unusual menus
  • Collection baskets or boxes for local charities and other good causes

By getting creative with your holiday party planning, you can plan a truly festive and memorable event that will be a great gift to your guests and a wonderful way to celebrate the season together.