Stephen Hulme

The EZ-8 sleeves are much more error-proof in terms of setting them up.

I led a group of 10 high school students on a mission trip and we refinished a 50 year old gym floor. Here are a few more tips I would add for drum sander users: 1) When using the drum sander and lowering the drum as you are moving to start a pass, be sure to think of lowering in a controlled smooth motion rather than dropping or releasing the drum down. If the drum plops down, it will leave the same marks as if you started from a still position. 2) Try to rent the EZ-8 style drum sander with the round sleeves instead of the clamping style drum sander with flat sheets. We had one of each initially, but quickly returned the clamping one and went out to find another EZ-8 type. The style with the screw down clamp and flat sheets is much more difficult to set up correctly. One of the students didn't properly tighten one of the screws and it came loose and put a huge gouge in the floor. The EZ-8 sleeves are much more error-proof in terms of setting them up.

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They had commercial dehumidifiers when no one else had them...in and out in 20 mins tops...great service and fair prices

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Awesome staff!

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